• Juego Arcade Retro Consola Madera Obras de Arte Panel Raspberry Pi

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  • Nuevo Juego Arcade Retro Consola Joystick Pelele Raspberry Pi 3 Modelo B+ B Plus

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  • Orb Retro Gaming Mat con 140 juegos de 8 bits Controlador de sello

    Product Description If you’re a child of the 80s then you’ll probably have spent a considerable amount of time sitting in front of a big back TV fiddling with a joystick trying to get your Pac Man character on the move. Well guess what, we’re taking you right back to those carefree childhood days thanks to our fun Retro Gaming Mat. Just take off your shoes, plug your mat into your TV (RCA and power cables included) and you’ll be instantly transported back to retro gaming heaven thanks to the over 140 preloaded games. We promise you hours of fun foot stomping with this gem – the question is if you can persuade younger members of the family that retro is the way to go!
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