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Ubicación: EspañaUsuario desde: 07 oct 2014Vendedor: bilbotruke

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Nombre de la empresa: Bilbotruke SLNombre: BeltranApellidos: LlanoDirección: Bertendona Kalea 6, 48008 Bilbao, EspañaNúmero de teléfono: +34 645412130Correo electrónico:

Votos de vendedor (614)

7***l (76)- Votos emitidos por el comprador 7***l (76).
  • Últimos 6 meses
excellent product and very fast shipping, thanks!!
c***e (84)- Votos emitidos por el comprador c***e (84).
  • Últimos 6 meses
Product in excellent condition and properly wrapped, low shipping fee. Seller was fast, efficient and kind. I'm really happy with the deal. Recommended!
1***c (1050)- Votos emitidos por el comprador 1***c (1050).
  • Hace más de un año
Very poor packing for a heavy fragile item. Clock was off of base with a damaged door. Barometer glass was broken. Seller does not respond to my messages. I will keep it but it is in need of a lot of repairs.
3***d (52)- Votos emitidos por el comprador 3***d (52).
  • Hace más de un año
The seller listed the item for parts, and indicated that because they could not turn it on they could not verify that it worked or not. When I received the item I confirmed that the item had likely been damaged in a repair attempt. Since I purchased it as it is (for parts) I consider the price to be fair. I took a risk and am only saddened to see the permanent loss of such a valuable specimen of Digital camera history.
e***d (166)- Votos emitidos por el comprador e***d (166).
  • Hace más de un año
tout est parfait, merci
5***0 (1829)- Votos emitidos por el comprador 5***0 (1829).
  • Hace más de un año
I received an item which is not as described, opened a dispute. Seller was not cooperative and i won the dispute, ebay refunded my payment and i kept the item.