• ! nuevo! Scythe Fuma Twin Torre CPU Cooler

    Twin-Tower-Design The Fuma is made of two towers connected via six heatpipes to the baseplate. The twin-tower structure allows heating of the heatpipes while enhancing heat dissipation to the fins. The Fuma has been designed for ultra-quiet cooling but is an ideal overclocking cooler as well - at a very reasonable price.
    67,63 EUR
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  • Guadaña SCMGD - 1000 140 mm Mugen SCMGD - 1000 Max Cpu Cooler Nuevo Reino Unido

    Product Type:Processor cooler. 0: Length: 4.72 cm Height: 8.46 cm Width: 7.09 cm Weight: 2.72 kg. Width:145 mm. Height:110 mm. Depth:161 mm. It says it all. Weight:870 g.
    65,36 EUR
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