• Vieja piccolo flauta

    Länge ca. 30cm. Nicht gerissen. Funktion nicht geprüft.
    70,00 EUR
    Vendedor excelenteDe Alemania
  • Vieja piccolo flauta con estuche

    Länge ca. 29cm. Nicht gerissen. Nur das vorhanden was auf den Bildern zu sehen ist. Funktion nicht geprüft.
    90,00 EUR
    Vendedor excelenteDe Alemania
  • Vintage Piccolo

    This is a D ♭ 6 keyed piccolo N.B.: the piccolo is not playable at present and is being sold as for parts/ not working. Lower joint in cocobolo or rosewood - no cracks. No case. Needs re-padding. Lower joint needs re-corking.
    142,24 EUR
    Vendedor excelente
    Envío gratis
    De Reino Unido
  • Piccolo/Flauta De Madera-incompleto

    The item is supplied incomplete with case/sections/reeds etc.
    273,55 EUR
    De Reino Unido
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