• NGS Universal Case and Stand For 9" To 10" Tablets - Blue Papiro Plus

    Universal case and stand for 9" to 10" tablets from NGS. The Blue Papiro Plus features a magnetic shutting system and is made from a highly resistant leatherette and a soft inner coating to keep your tablet safe at all time. Its elastic bands are perfect to fit any tablets with a screen size of 9" to 10" including the iPad. Washable and anti-slide surface. Covered by 2 years manufacturer warranty.
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  • Funda ultrafina tablet de 9 a 10" NGS Blue Papiro Plus

    Blue Papiro Plus. Admite cualquier nivel de inclinación para utilizarla como soporte. Ideal para iPad, Galaxy Tab 10,1”, etc. Sistema de CierreImán. Guía de instalación. Tarjeta de garantía 2 años. CompatibilidadUniversal 9-10".
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