• Fuzeau 8286 Huevos Azul Sonido

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  • 5x vintage sonajero shaker Coconut kokusnuss macaras sardarflute india india

    2x Sardarflute, Indien, klein, Kokosnuss Macaras, ca 23cm Länge, Durchmesser ca 7,5cm. Sardarflute, Indien. 2x Sardarflute, Indien, groß, ca 25cm Länge, Durchmesser ca 12cm, Kokosnuss mit Perlen. India Indien.
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  • Hombre Clack

    This crazy man hits his own head when you shake him. Noisy fellow! 20cmx10cm
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  • Medio Caxixi-Sonaja cajamarquina

    The Caxixi (pronounced Ka-shee-shee) is a musical instrument of ancient African origin. Because of its lively sound, it was once used to summon enchanted spirits and scare evil away. Caxixi is a reed basket, woven by hand, with a gourd disc in the bottom, filled with either seeds or peebles or a small bell. Caxixi can be used as a rattle of as a pair to product intoxicating rhythms. A new basket rattle from Peru. A handwoven soft straw rattle with a tinkling bell sound. 18cm approx in length and 5cms diameter
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  • Agitador de huevos de madera

    Our instruments are handmade by a small family run business based in Bandung, on the island of Bali. These eggs are approx 7cms x 5cms in size
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    De Reino Unido
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