• Nuevo Super Mario Bros Wii Piano Solos Música Libro intermedio-avanzado

    New Super Mario Bros Wii PIANO SOLOS Music Book Intermediate - Advanced.
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  • The World's Great música clásica: la época barroca-Fácil/intermedio Piano Pia

    91 Selections from Keyboard Literature, Concertos, Oratorios and Operas. Printed on high-quality, ivory-colored paper, with long-lasting sewn binding. 224 pages. Genres: Baroque. Format: Vocal Album.
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  • John McCarthy Blues Guitarra intermedios Aprende A Tocar Guitarra Jazz Music Dvd

    Building on the techniques learned in the beginner DVD, in this intermediate program with renowned guitarist John McCarthy you will learn vital blues skills like vibrato, slides, string skipping, dead strums and more. John shows you full blues scales with tri-tones, the B.B. Box and how to construct a 12-bar blues progression. He challenges you to learn complete blues solos, riffs and syncopated rhythm progressions. The full band backing tracks let you feel the excitement and energy of playing in your own blues band. Features: iPod-ready video, follow-along tab book, free lifetime membership for online lesson support, authored for Zone 0 and more. 1 hour, 5 minutes
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