• Consola De Madera Blanca Tocador Shabby Vintage Chic de Muebles de Dormitorio Hall

    Made from a combination of Beech and Birch type wood. Elise White Range - Two Drawer Console Table. An ornate 2 drawer console table that gives a look of French elegance. I personally take the most pleasure in sourcing and adding new lines to this website.
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    De Reino UnidoMaterial: Wood
  • Grueso de madera de pino Slimline tocador de ahorro de espacio, Hall, Taburete-ninguna asamblea

    There could be up to five shades in your piece this is due to the five different parts of a tree as follows: Outer bark, Phloem, Cambium, Sapwood, Heartwood. Lovely naturally maturing chunky pine sanded to a soft smooth finish ideal for many uses including dressing table, side table, hallway.the list is endless.
    106,40 EUR
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    (106,40 EUR/Unit)
    Material: Solid Wood
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