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  • HEATGREASE20 20g Tube CPU Thermal Paste Grease Compound for

    Improves the heat transfer between a CPU and heatsink to keep the CPU running cooler. - Effectively fills surface imperfections on CPU to prevent air pockets and help heat transfer. We are the Hi-Tech Lovers.
    12,30 EUR
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    De ItaliaTipo: DissipatoreMarca: StarTech
  • StarTech Tornillos para montaje del ventilador del caso (paquete de 50)

    Securely mount case fans in a chassis with the proper screws This package of 50 PC case fan screws are great to have on hand for new system builds or upgrades. The StarTech Advantage - Self tapping thread design for quick and easy installation of most standard plastic-framed case fans - Comes in a pack of 50 for large installations or just having spares for future installations
    5,16 EUR
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    De Reino Unido
  • HSFPHASECM Heatsink Thermal Pads - Pack of 5 compound

    Colour of product: Grey. Siamo appassionati di Hi-Tech. Ci auguriamo tu possa apprezzare la nostra serietà ed affidabilità. Per qualunque esigenza, noi siamo qui, puoi contarci! Prezzi competitivi.
    9,30 EUR
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    11,20 EUR de envío
    De ItaliaTipo: VentolaMarca: StarTech
  • SILVGREASE1 1.5g Metal Oxide Thermal CPU Paste Compound Tube for

    Our thermal CPU paste improves the effectiveness of CPU coolers by thermally bonding the CPU to the heatsink. We are the Hi-Tech Lovers. Hope you will appreciate our seriousness and reliability. You can always count on us!
    9,80 EUR
    Vendedor excelente
    11,20 EUR de envío
    De ItaliaTipo: per CPUMarca: StarTech
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