• LSA Flor Mini Bouquet Florero 9.5 Cm-Transparente

    It is mouth-blown and produced by skilled glass artisans, thisvaseis small but weighty so it is ideal for small floral displays or pairing with other mini vases from this collection.
    27,48 EUR
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  • Lsa Luz Color Portacandelitas 8.5cm - Pavo Real

    Create your own unique combinations and mix and match colours with the individual tealight holders. Manufacturer - LSA International. Colour - Peacock.
    17,82 EUR
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  • Lsa Luz Pavo Real Portacandelitas 8.5cm

    18,77 EUR
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  • LSA Luz Color portacandelitas H8.5 Cm-Oliva

    This LSA Light ColourTea-lightHolder creates a warming atmosphere adding a touch of colour to any interior. The LSA light colourtea-lightholder is made from mouth blown glass by highly skilled artisans and is finished with a coloured casing.
    18,35 EUR
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    28,69 EUR de envío
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  • Lsa Flor Jarrón Mini ramo internacional, transparente, 9.5 Cm De Alto

    Versatile and elegant, the handmade LSA International flower mini vase is designed for small posies or a few stems. Handmade vase. Colour: Clear. Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
    21,46 EUR
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