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  • Nuevo anuncio- Atx Motherboard con ASRock M A6-5100k & 16Gb DDR3 Paquete

    Asrock FM2A75 pro4-m motherboard m-atx format AMD A6-5100k cpu 4x 4GB Viper extreme DDR3 memory dimms Raijntek cooler no I/O shield no accessories Taken from a working system after upgrade. Is however very dusty and due to recent experiences I will not be accepting returns on this item.
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  • Lot Carte Atx 1150 Asrock H97 Anniversary + Intel G1820 + 8Go DDR3

    En excellent état. Tout a été testé. Je faisais tourner XPNology dessus (6 Sata), mais je suis passé à un vrai Synology depuis peu. ASRock H97 Anniversary. H97 ANNIVERSARY. - Deux barrette DIMM DDR3 de 4Go G-Skill, soit 8Go au total (encore deux slots libres).
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    Que finalicen el 23 jul a las 18:45 H.Esp1 d 15 hDe Francia
  • ASRock MSI q1900m + Intel j1900 Intel Quad Core micro atx - 4717677323207

    ® J1900 bringt eine völlig neue Computing-Erfahrung in Ihr Leben. ® Quad-Core Processor J1900 Micro ATX Motherboard. Sogar VMware ESXi laeufer headless darauf. Und: Dieses Modell verfuegt ueber einen Header fuer Seriell!
    49,99 EUR
    De Alemania
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  • Placa base Asrock K7VT4A ATX Retro Amd 2500+ CPU 1GB Ram HSF

    Asrock K7VT4A ATX Retro M/board. Asrock K7VT4A ATX SKT Motherboard. AMD CPU 1GB RAM HSF. AMDaTHLON 2500 CPU Processor. NO manufacturers software disc or motherboard drivers are included. RETRO GAMING, SYSTEM BUILDS etc.
    32,43 EUR
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  • Asrock A75M-HVS Skt F1 DDR3 Micro ATX Motherboard con APU AMD A4-3400

    Integrated AMD Radeon HD 65XX/64XX graphics in Llano APU. - ASRock Instant Boot. - ASRock Instant Flash. - ASRock XFast USB. - ASRock XFast LAN. - ASRock XFast RAM. - ASRock U-COP. Pulled from a working pc after an upgrade, AMD A4-3400 CPU included with fan and I/O plate.
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    De Reino Unido
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  • ASRock x99x Killer LGA 2011-3 Intel placa madre motherboard ATX quad Channel ddr4

    2 Jahre Gewährleistung.
    295,47 EUR
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    De Alemania
  • Asrock P 43 Twins 1600 con 8 GB DDR2 de RAM y CPU Intel Core Duo

    Was used as a Hackintosh set up. Motherboard is also able to use DDR3 RAM. Way too good to be sent to a land fill. Have not used it for under a year now. Had a Q9650 in it to play GTAV. If you know how to overclock or want to know then you will be onto a winner with this set up, all ready to go.
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    Que finalicen el 24 jul a las 18:11 H.Esp2 d 14 hDe Reino Unido
  • Placa base Asrock M3A790GXH/128M, AMD Phenom II X4 955 con CPU y Placa Trasera

    The item is Fully Tested Ready dispatch comes with Amd Phenom ii X4 955 Cup and back plate and heat sink.
    78,32 EUR
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  • AMD Phenom 2, AsRock N68C-GS8, 16 GB DDR3, 500 W PSU

    AsRock N68C-GS8 mainboard. The Phenom 2 is still a decent CPU and combined with 16GB RAM a very useful PC.
    145,47 EUR
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  • Asrock H170 PRO4 / D3 ATX DDR3 Retail

    Venta de ASRock H170 PRO4/D3 ATX DDR3. Tipo de producto: Placa base - ATX. Mainboard-Marke ASRock. Formfaktor ATX. 11,17 EUR. 3,79 EUR. 2,99 EUR. 3,59 EUR.
    98,82 EUR
    De Alemania
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