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  • Marshall 1990 Lead 12 1x10 Combo de estado sólido modelo #5005

    Original Celestion G10D-25 speaker, with BY date code = Feb 1990.
    170,16 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    45,38 EUR de envío
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  • B-52 LS-100 100-Watt Guitarra Eléctrica 3 Canal Estado Sólido Cabezal LS-100

    INCLUSO aunque es uno de más asequible amperios en este rodeo, la B-52 LS-100 tiene la potencia y características para compartir escenario con cualquier amplificador aquí. A pesar de su amplia variedad de opciones tonales, este amplificador es fácil de usar y proporciona una gratificación instantánea tanto en limpio como distorsionado.
    249,36 EUR
    De Estados Unidos
    134,70 EUR de envío
    Marca: B-52
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  • Ashdown Retroglide 800 Custom Tienda bajo Cabeza Negra Estado Sólido

    Ubicado en una tapa de ingeniería templado robar, diseñada para proteger las perillas de entrada y salidas, así como proporcionar un flujo constante de aire para la ventilación. Model Retroglide. Custom Bundle No.
    586,98 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    11,32 EUR de envío
    Tipo: CabezaMarca: Ashdown
  • Vox Pathfinder 10 Combo Guitarra Amplificador De Estado Sólido

    This 10-Watt, 1 x 6.5" combo's eye-catching looks are also classic VOX and include basket-weave, leather-look vinyl, our distinctive diamond grille cloth and, of course, chicken head knobs! Small but all-important details such as gold beading and white piping have also been faithfully reproduced, perfectly recapturing the legendary look of VOX.
    83,53 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    14,17 EUR de envío
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  • Vintage 1980s Marshall Bass 12 5501 Amplificador De Guitarra De Estado Sólido

    1980s Marshall Bass 12 guitar amplifier. Model 5501. Made in England. Second one of these we have had for sale recently. This is the smaller box version with the blue Marshall S301 speaker. Check out the full size pics below.
    191,72 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    39,70 EUR de envío
  • Amplificador De Estado Sólido Laney LX20R

    3 band EQ give you powerful tone options tailored to give players as much sonic mayhem as they demand. A headphone socket for late night practice sessions and finally an onboard Reverb. A great amp, splendid on-board crunch and also an excellent clean channel.
    102,10 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    22,22 EUR de envío
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  • HIWATT G100R Maxwatt G Estado sólido Combo De Guitarra Eléctrica Series

    Internal Speaker: 1 x 12” Hiwatt High Efficiency Heavy Duty Loudspeaker, Designed in England. Weight (Unboxed): 23 kg. Output Power: 100W.
    566,07 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    32,90 EUR de envío
  • HIWATT B300H 300W Bass jefe de estado sólido Maxwatt Serie Nuevo en Caja

    Hiwatt, along with Marshall and Vox, are largely responsible for shaping the sound of British rock during the 1960s and 1970s. A further generation of artists – U2, Nirvana, Oasis, Coldplay, The Killers, The Black Keys, Foals, Circa Waves and Japandroids – have all embraced the unmistakable Hiwatt sound.
    588,76 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    78,27 EUR de envío
  • Fender R.A.D (RAD) 1980s 25 vatios de amplificadores de guitarra sólido State

    Fender R.A.D ( RAD ) 1980s Solid State 25 Watts Guitar Amplifier. The amp is in very clean original condition and with only a couple of minor marks here and there associated with age etc.. All buttons/channels work perfectly and have been used up until recently. The amp is serial numbered LO-319593 and was made in the USA in the mid eighties. The amplifier is very difficult to find in the UK and is ideal for both user and collector of all things Fender. Will post to UK only on this one, due to weight. Thanks for looking.
    113,44 EUR
    Vendedor excelente
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    De Reino Unido
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  • Hiwatt Spitfire G8 Maxwatt G Series Guitarra Eléctrica Combo De Estado Sólido

    This entry level Solid State Combo is for those guitar players who want toexperience the first taste of the Hiwatt sound in a very compact format. TheSpitfire G8 has 8 watts of power, a 5” performance speaker, 1 input jack, 1clean and switchable overdrive channel, 2 band EQ’s (bass and treble) andheadphone output.
    89,62 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    26,08 EUR de envío
  • Ashdown Retroglide 800 Custom Shop Bass Cabeza Negro Amplificador De Estado Sólido

    The Retroglide does exactly what you would expect it to’. A hand machined 6mm alloy panel adorns the front of the Retroglide, machined to protect the sliders from being knocked in transport. Housed in an engineered mild steal lid, designed to protect the input and output knobs as well as provide a steady airflow for ventilation.
    566,07 EUR
    De Reino Unido
    11,34 EUR de envío
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