• 19 V 2.37 A 45 W AC Adaptador De Alimentación Para Laptop Asus A53E A53S A53SV 3.0mm*1.1mm Nuevo

    DC Output: 19V, 2.37A 40W. 1 x AC Adapter For ASUS Laptop Power Cable. AC Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A, 50 - 60Hz.
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  • Reino Unido Innergie mCube Pro Tadp - 70BB AA 15 V 15.5 V 16 V 16.5 V 17 V 4.06 A Cargador

    All-in-One Universal Laptop Adapter Used to Supply Power and to Charge Thousands of Laptop Models. This Adaptor Can Deliver - Any Voltage between 15V and 18V up to 4.06A (Must have switch on Green) Any Voltage between 18V and 21V up to 3.33A (Must have switch on Blue) It also has a USB Port which can deliver 5V 1A You can Plug the Power Supply into Any Country Wall Socket from 100V to 240V (perfect for UK, EU, USA etc) You can also use the Car Socket Adaptor to plug into any 12V -15V Cigarette Port and then into the Power Supply (when out and about) It will turn the 12V comming out of the Car Port into the Voltage that your Laptop / Device needs to Charge. You have a choice of 10 push on tips which are sizes - 4mm x 1.7mm 4.75 x 1.75mm 5.5mm x 1.75mm 5.5mm x.
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