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Detalles de  Alarma de automóvil & immobiliser coche Cierre Central al669w-plus- ver título original

Alarma de automóvil & immobiliser coche Cierre Central al669w-plus
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Type: Safety & Security
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Manufacturer: All Manufacturers Model/ Series: All Models


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Folding Key Car Alarm & Immobiliser remote keyless for car central lock kit AL669W-PLUS

Full-feature car alarm remote control system! This is an advanced alarm system that adds remote central locking to vehicles with manual central locking. Features include total closure, car finder and an auxiliary output operated from the remote controls - ideal for use with boot releases and remote starters etc.

The built in total closure central locking interface allows the alarm to be connected to the vehicles existing central locking (where fitted) enabling the doors to be locked and unlocked (and electric windows/sunroof closed if vehicle has total closure) as the alarm is armed and disarmed. This comes complete with a very loud electronic siren, adjustable shock sensor, 4 Channel Code Learning Programmable Receiver and offers many optional security and convenience features.

  • Learning code remote controls - You can add or replace existing remotes with this intelligent learning code system.
  • We only guarantee our remotes transmitters to work with this system

Latest Model: New Design - added (EXTRA) features/functions:


  • 4 Channel Code Learning Programmable Receiver 
  • Learning switch: Code learning to add  or programme new remotes or replace existing ones (maximum 4 remotes can be programmed-learned)
  • Pneumatic lock/electric lock, positive/Negative trunk, Windows rise, auto-alarm, flash - All jumper setting
  • Windows rollup Output Function:
  • boot (trunk) release
  • Pneumatic lock/electric lock - All jumper setting
  • Many (TOP QUALITY) different remotes transmitters to choose from!!! - please see our eBay shop for complete range!  
  • Random Coded (Military grade - anti scan/grabber) remote controls
    Super Code Protection - Copy-proof with 4.3 billion possible codes (Random code generated)
  • And much more!! Plus all the standard features/functions: SEE below

 Main Features:
  • Remote In arm / disarm
  • Silent in arm
  • Trigger memory
  • central door lock automatically
  • car finding
  • engine cut off
  • LED indicator status
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Remote trunk open
  • Output window rise
  • Copy-proof with 4.3 billion possible codes (Random code generated)
  • Quality Products at fantastic prices!
 Standard Features:
  • Converts your manual central locking into REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING!
  • Works on any car/vehicle - UNIVERSAL
  • Two  Anti-Code Grabbing Transmitters
  • Space inside the remote for your own transponder (chip)! (i.e. If your existing key has chip inside, some can transfer their chip into our remotes! and save 100’s £££)
  • 4 Channel Code Learning Programmable Receiver
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor:
  • Parking Lights Relay Build-In: This system is build-in with a 20A relay for R/L two side turning indicators (Direction lights).
  • Remote Control Arming/Disarming
  • Remote Silent / Sound Arming/Disarming Mode
  • Door closing failure/warning function
  • Auto Reset:
  • Automatic Alarm/no alarm.
  • Remote Car Finder (car seeking)
  • Panic Mode
  • Remote Trunk release: 
  • Window Roll-up: This channel is a negative(-) output feature
  • Emergency Override OR Lost/Not working REMOTES: If your transmitters are lost or not working or you are in Anti car jack mode at any time you can manually disarm your system!
  • Central door lock relays build-in
  • Status LED Identification:
  • Door Trigger
  • Parking Light Flasher
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock
  • Ignition/Starter Disable
  • Last Door Arming  (Programmable)
  • Auto Central Locking (Programmable)
  • Remote Learning (Learn up to 4 Different Remote)
  • Quality Products at fantastic prices!

 Package Contents:
  • 2x TOP QUALITY Remote controls (fobs)
  • 2x your own car logo on the remotes! - SEE below
  • 2x FREE Blank Keys - Blank key can be removed!
  • Control unit
  • (Main brain Processor)
  • Immobilizer Relay
  • shock sensor - adjustable
  • LED (light to see alarm is active)
  • siren
  • Wiring harness (with fuses)
  • User manual
  • Universal fitting instruction +PLUS  Car Security Installation Guide
  • vehicle-specific fitting instructions! (please specify at the time of your order; your car make/year/mode)
    for most cars we can give you exact wiring diagram for your own car!
Car Alarm & Immobiliser central lock System

Choice of your own LOGO!
Please specify at the time of your order
Otherwise we will send you the key with Rclick logo!
R60 Logos: Audi - BMW - Mercedes - Opel - VW Volkswagen - Skoda - Seat - Citroen - Peugeot - Renualt - Honda - Isuzu - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Susuki - Toyota - Lexus - Alfa Romio - Fiat - Lancia - Chevrolet - Chrysler - Hyundia - KIA - Volvo - Ford - Jaguar - Mini - Vauxhall - Saab - Rover - Land Rover - Iveco - Ferrari - Proton - Porsche - Daewoo - Buick - BYD - Geely - Chery - DFM Dangfeng - GM - Soueast - SouthEast - Rclick - Rightclick
Click to enlarge

2 x FREE blank keys for any of these cars
Blank Keys can be removed!
You don’t have to use the Blank keys! these are supplied free of charge!
Just use the Remotes! fob’s for any car
  • Simply take the blank to a Locksmith and have it cut. It can be cut at any local hardware store, lock smith, or shop with key cutting machine.
  • Please carefully check your original keys with the photos shown. These Blanks being offered FREE of charge.
  • These key blanks may be suitable for other car models, please check the pictures below.
  • These keys without transponder.
  • IMPORTANT - You will need to hold your existing key up the same way as our picture, and check to see if your key has a the cut/groove on the same side as ours. Basically, if your key looks the same as the key in our picture (regardless of which number you have stamped on your existing key blade) it will be suitable for your vehicle. We do not stamp these numbers on our key blades. The same key maybe used for some other cars!.
    Note: The key pattern shown
    " Keyless Entry System - lock " is the keyhole that the key goes into, not the view from the tip of the key.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We are NOT blanks OR Logos supplier! We give these FREE of charge when you purchase this kit ONLY!
THESE ARE THE BLANKS WE DO - for this module
please choose one of the CODES from below

Choice of your FREE Blank key!
Please specify CODE CODE BELOW at the time of your order/payment
Otherwise your order may not be shipped!!!

Click on any picture to enlarge
HU49 Key Blank - Audi VW Porsche HU66 Key Blank - Audi VW Porsche Skoda Ford Seat BM58 Key Blank - BMW BM50 Key Blank - BMW FT15 Key Blank - Fiat AlfaRomeo Lancia FO21_blank_Ford_Jaquar FO26_blank_Ford_Mercury ME39 Key Blank - Mercedes ME41 Key Blank - Mercedes
ME64 Key Blank - Mercedes OP27 Key Blank - Opel Vauxhall Chevrolet OP28 Key Blank - Opel Vauxhall GM OP43 Key Blank - Opel Vauxhall GM OP46 Key Blank - Opel Vauxhall GM Daewoo Pontiac Cadillac OP15 Key Blank - Opel_Vauxhall CT09 Key Blank - Citroen Peugeot Fiat Lancia CT06 Key Blank - Citroen Peugeot RN30 Key Blank - Renault Peugeot Opel Citroen
CHE4_blank_Daewoo_Chevrolet_Mercedes DO11 Key Blank - Dodge Chrysler Eagle Playmouth Jeep Mitsubishi NS11 Key Blank - Nissan Ford Subaru Infinity NS14 Key Blank - Nissan Infinity GM103_blank_Chrysler_GM_Buick_Chevrolet_Dodge_Pontiac_Cadillac_Plymouth_Eagle_Jeep MZ24 Key Blank - MA20 Key Blank - VO56 Key Blank - Volvo Mitsubishi HON66 Key Blank - Honda
HO58 Key Blank - Honda Opel Vauxhall Acura HYN10 Key Blank - Hyundia KIA1 Key Blank - KIA MT08 Key Blank - Mitsubishi Chrysler Dodge Eagle Bertone MT08 Key Blank - Mitsubishi Chrysler Isuzu Hyundia HYN7 MT11 Key Blank - Hyundia Mitsubishi HYN2 Key Blank - Hyundia Mitsubishi KIA3 Key Blank - Jinbei Xiali Kia Daewo Daihtso Geely Palio HYN6 Key Blank - Hyundia
HYN12 Key Blank - Hyundia HYN11 Key Blank - Hyundia SZ12 Key Blank - Suzuki Subaru SZ11 Key Blank - Suzuki TO43 Key Blank - Toyota Suzuki Chevrolet Scion TO46 Key Blank - Toyota TO40 Key Blank - Toyota Lexus Hyundia Kia TO42 Key Blank - Toyota TOPR Key Blank - Toyota

at the time of your order:
Please, tell us your car Make/Year/Model & the CODE for the FREE Blanks you want.
With you payment you can include a Note about your car! and the CODE from above for the FREE blanks. OR please email us after making payment.

all vehicles all models, all types!

Optional Extras: available for this kit *see Notes below
* No additional delivery charges when purchased with this alarm!
Extra (More) Motors
Central Locking 2 Wire Slave Door Motor -Solenoid
Electric Boot Release Kit
Electric boot (Trunk) release kit
Relay & Socket
12V 30Amp 5 Pin Relay & Socket SPCO 30A
Window Closure Modules
Automatic Power Window Closer (Rollup)
Quick Splice connector
Quick Splice ScotchLok Tap splice connector
Microwave Detectors
Microwave Radar Sensor for car alarm

Note 1. Central Locking
If your central locking system only operates from the drivers door key (not the passengers) then you will need a 2 wire motor for your drivers door.

Note 2. Total Closure / Window Closure
If your vehicle has total closure this keyless will close the windows without any additional interfaces.
You can tell if your vehicle has total closure if the windows close when you hold the drivers door key in the locked position.
If you don't have total closure and want to close the windows when the alarm is armed then you will need a window closure module.

Note 3. Boot Release Wire: Trunk Release Output
Some cars have an electric boot release or one can be added. This can be interfaced with this kit. For cars with a built in boot release the wire is found at the keyless entry module under the dash or behind a kick panel.
If you want to Convert your manual boot release to electric release then you will need a Electric Boot Release Kit

Shipping & Handling
UK First class recorded  1-2days  £4.75
OR, by InterlinkExpress* next business day £6.50 [for any quantity!]
*Non-Mainland UK postcode shipping only by Royal Mail
Ireland & Europe Royal Mail International Signed For (REGISTERED)  3-6days  £8.00
USA & Canada FedEx Express  2-4days  £11.00
All Other Countries Royal Mail International Signed For (REGISTERED)  6-9days  £14.00
** Postage discounts available on multiple items!
** SPECIAL DISCOUNT for a TRADE ENQUIRY! (Quantity Price Discount! - Please email us)
Payment Details
Delivery and Terms & Conditions 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s
  1. What is Remote keyless Entry system RKE.
    A remote keyless entry system is a system designed to remotely lock, or unlock.
    It duplicates all of the features of a standard car key with the added convenience of operating the power door locks, eliminating the need to physically manipulate a key into a lock as well as being able to do so at a distance.
    It works on the same principle as some television remote controls — sending pulses of radio frequency energy on a particular frequency, rather than most television remotes which use infrared. These pulses are interpreted by the receiver in the automobile, which, in turn, performs the appropriate function.
    For the door locks, the system works in two ways by providing confirmation of successfully (un-)locking the car through a light signal.
    The functions of a remote keyless entry system are contained on a small, hand-held fob attached to the keychain or built into the ignition key handle itself. Buttons are set aside to either lock or unlock the doors, plus open the trunk. Some cars will also close any open windows when remotely locking the car.
  2. How easy is to install.
    The actual time your installation will demand; depends on your level of experience.
    All units come with a general wiring diagrams for any car, plus we provide specific wiring instruction for majority of the cars. For most vehicles made up to 2004/5, Rightclick gives you a sheet that tells the location and colour of the wires you need to access in your vehicle (for the central lock part). At the time of your order, Please advice your car make/year/model so we can send this information with your system. You will also receive The Universal Central Lock wiring diagrams for any car PLUS Car Security Installation Guide.
    Installing - Car Alarm OR Remote Keyless:
    Installing Remote Keyless Kit is a lot easier than installing Car Alarm Kit, It does not matter where you buy your car alarm from, it requires installation by a qualified person. Any one that tells you installing a car alarm is easy is not true unless the installation is carried out by some one experienced in car alarm installation. Car alarms has many options to offer that is not required/included by the Remote Keyless Kit. We sell both Car Alarms, Remote Keyless and many other car accessories.
  3. Does this system works for my car.
    • All our car kits will work with all vehicles all models, all types that has Manual Central locking and wants to convert to Remote C/L.
    • Manual C/L means when you unlock the drivers door with your existing key all other doors also unlocks.
    • If your car does not have manual C/L there is a few kits we sell that converts your manual door locking to central locking system, this comes with wiring diagram (Mechanical fitting instructions are not included). Please check our Central Locking Category listings for the item you need.
    • In case your central locking system can NOT be opened and closed from the passenger door, you need to install an additional control device (motor also called solenoid or actuator) into the driver’s door. There are 2 types (5wire and 2wire) generally 2wire motor will work.
    • All units come with a general wiring diagrams for any car, plus we provide specific wiring instruction for majority of the cars.
    • The FREE Key Blanks we do are those listed on our page, Please, advice which one  (YOU NEED TO TELL US THE CODE LISTED FOR THE BLANK!) you wish to receive with your order/payment notes. These are the only free blanks we have.
    • Our keys don’t have any chip inside please check our page listings for full details.
  4. Key alteration - This ONLY applies if you buy one of our remotes with a FREE key blanks.
    The blank keys that are screwed into the handheld transmitters (remotes control) only serve as samples (models). You have to have your own car key modified according to this model OR our FREE key blank modified to your own key and screw it onto the transmitter. You may decide for yourself whether you want to use your original car key or have a copy cut in order to have it modified.
  5. Don’t Know which kit to go for!.
    If your car doesn’t have Central Locking; then we suggest any of our central locking kits: Central Locking Kits
    If your car has central locking and wants to convert to Remote Keyless Entry, then we suggest any of our keyless kits: Remote Keyless.
    If your central locking system only operates from the drivers door key (not the passengers) then you will need a  2 wire motor for your drivers door PLUS any one of our Remote Keyless Kits..
    If you are after a flip key RKE then we suggest either the 669 or 786 is the most popular kit.
    If you are after Remotes operated only Fob’s WITHOUT key blank; Remote Keyless (is too many to list here, please check our store for all available kits we sell. Same with car alarms - there are 2 types: one with Remote Engine start and one without; this is the link for all alarms: Car Alarms (also; with our car alarms and remote central locking kits you can choose a different remotes! select any of the remotes that are listed with our keyless kits, and make a note with your payment the remotes you would like to receive with the kit, both remotes must be the same code!)
    Please, Email us if you are still not sure and we will be happy to assist.
  6. Car Finder
    All our remotes keyless entry, remote central lock and car alarm systems have this option, Please check product/item description.
  7. Logos - Your own car logo on the remotes.
    We supply logos for certain cars, these are supplied FREE of charge with some of our kits (like the KE669/KE786/KE715/KE670).
    You need to tell us which FREE logo you would like to receive with your order/payment notes. If you don’t tell us we will not know which logo to send you and sometimes your order gets held!
    The Logos for the 670 and 715 are different in size (smaller) to the 669 and 786.
  8. Immobilizer
    This ONLY applies if you buy remotes with key blanks (blank keys that are screwed into the handheld transmitters). The immobilizer transponder chip has to be stuck into our handheld transmitters (remote controls) (above the LED). (i.e. If your existing key has chip inside, some can transfer their chip into our remotes! and save 100’s £££).
    If your car remote key has chip inside:-
    Customers do different things:
    Transfer the chip to our remote.
    Place/insert their own key into our remotes (this requires some tooling...)
    Place their existing key under or flush mounted in the dashboard...
    Use a Transponder Bypass - for car alarms.
    Remove the key blank completely from our remotes.
    Attach your own key to our remotes (using our FREE key ring! supplied with all our kits)
    Or buy one of our remote kits that don’t have a key blank! (you can choose any remotes from the keyless list!) All our car alarms are listed under this link: Car Alarms
    What is an immobiliser?
    An immobiliser is an electronic device which stops the car from being started if it is broken into. Although this won’t stop your car from being broken into, it may well stop it from being driven away. Most newer cars (being those up to 6 years old) come with some sort of alarm and/or immobiliser
    My vehicle already has a factory transponder or smart key system, which is built into its ignition key?
    There are many factory immobilizers in the marketplace i.e. ACURA IMMOBILIZER, AUDI IMMOBILIZER, BMW EWSII, CHRYSLER SentryKey, FORD SecuriLock/PATS, GM PASSlock II, HONDA IMMOBILIZER, and TOYOTA Engine Immobilizer to name a few. These anti-theft systems consist of a miniature transponder imbedded in the ignition key head itself, which allows the vehicle's computer to identify the "real ignition key" and thereby enable the vehicle to start. These systems are factory installed on many new vehicles at no charge.
    Recently, a national automotive magazine published information on how to bypass these systems - it only takes about 20 seconds. Also, there is a company that manufactures a product called the "No Key Required Bypass Kit", which bypasses the transponder key system in any vehicle made.
    TRANSPONDER BYPASS MODULE: Required on most vehicles from 1997 (and some earlier) for remote starters to function (This ONLY applies if you buy kits with remote engine start). Allows the alarm to turn the factory fitted immobiliser off when remote start (Engine start) is used.
  9. Technical and Email Enquires.
    Please,  E-Mail us using our support centre: http://www.rclick.co.uk/support/

AAC Cobra - Alfa Romeo 145, 146, 147, 155, 156, 164, 166, 33, 75, Alfasud, Alfetta, Giulietta, Givlia, GT, GTV, RZ, Spider, Sportwagon, SZ - AUDI 100, 200, 50, 80, 90, a2, A3, A4, A6, A8, Allroad, Cabriolet, Coupe, Quattro, R-S, S2, S3, S4, S6, S8, TT, V8 - Bentley - BMW E30, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46, M3, M5, Z3, Z4, X3, X5 - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet - Chrysler 2, CV, AX, Berlingo, BX, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, CX, Saxd, SM, Synergie, Xaivtia, XM, Evansion, Xsara, ZX - Citroen 300c, 300m, Cherokee, Crossfire, Grand Cherokee, Grand Voyager, Jeep, Neon, Prowler, PT Cruiser, Sebring, Viper, Voyager - Daewoo Espero, Kalos, Koranpo, Lacetti, Lanos, Leganza, Matiz, Musso, Nexia, Nubira, Tacuma - Daihatsu - De Lorean, Dodge - Ferrari 195, 206, 208, 246, 250, 275, 288, 308, 328, 330, 348, 355, 360, 365, 400, 412, 456, 512, 550, 757, Daytona, Dino GT4, Enzo Ferrari, F355, F360, F40, F50, F512, F550 - Mondial, Testarossa - Fiat 124 Coupe, Spider 124 126, 127.130, 131, 242, 500, Barchetta, Brava, Bravo, Campagniola, Cinquecento, Croma, Dino, Doblo, Ducato, Duna, Fiorino, Marena, Marengo, Maxi, Multipla, Palio, Panda, penny, Punto, Idea, Marea, Seicento, Spider, Stilo, Tempra, Tipo, Vlysse, VNO, Xiq - 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MAZ 121, 323, MX5, MX6, 626, Demio, MPV, MX3, RX7, Xedos, MX3, RX8, Miata - Mercedes Benz, A-class, C-class, e-class, transporter, Vito, SLK, Sl-55, Sl-500, Sl-300, A140, A160, A170, A190, Actros Atego, C180, C200, C220, C230, C240, C250, C270, C280, C3AMG, C320, C3AMG, C4AMG, CE200, CE300, CL, CLK, CLK 5AMG, E200, E220, E230, E240, E250, E260, E270, e280, E290, E300, E320, E3AMG, E420, E430, E50, E500, E55, truck, MB100, ML230, ML270, ML 320, ML350, ML400, ML430, ML500, ML5AMG, S280, S300, S320, S350, S400, S420, S430, S500, S55, S560, S600, SL280, SL300, SL320, SL350, SL380, SL420, SL450, SL500, SL5AMG, SL560, SL600, SLK230, SLK3AMG, SLK320, SLR, Sprinter, V220, Vario Vita, 190, 200, 220 , E-class (W124) / 190E/190D (W201) / C-class C180-C280 (W202) / W126/129 , A-class all models. - Mini Cooper - Mitsubishi 3000GT, Colt, Lancer, Eclipse, Galant, L200, Pajero, sigma, space Gear, space Runner, space Wagon, Carisma, Galloper, 3000GT, Challenger, Chariot, Delica, FTO, Grandis, GTO, L200, Lancer, Legnum, Outlander, RVR, Shogun, Pinin, Space, Star Wagon, Starion, Strada - 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Ubicación del artículo: UK, Reino Unido
Envío a: Todo el mundo
Excluye: Fiji, Papúa Nueva Guinea, Guadalupe, Islas Marshall, Wallis y Futuna, Gambia, Malasia, Mayotte, Taiwán, Surinam, Omán, Kenia, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, Argentina, Oriente Medio, Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Senegal, Armenia, Bhután, Uzbekistán, Qatar, Islas Malvinas, Burundi, Eslovaquia, Irak, Guinea Ecuatorial, Eslovenia, Tailandia, Aruba, Samoa Americana, Islandia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Israel, Kuwait, Argelia, Benín, Rusia, Antigua y Barbuda, Italia, Suazilandia, Pakistán, Tanzania, Ucrania, Singapur, Burkina Faso, Panamá, Kirguistán, Reunión, Yibuti, Puerto Rico, Chile, China, Malí, Croacia, Botsuana, Camboya, Indonesia, Malta, Tayikistán, Vietnam, Paraguay, Islas Caimán, Santa Elena, Chipre, Ruanda, Seychelles, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zimbabue, Gabón, Bulgaria, República Checa, Costa de Marfil, Kiribati, Turkmenistán, Grecia, Granada, Haití, Yemen, Groenlandia, Afganistán, Montenegro, África, Mongolia, Nepal, Bahréin, Bahamas, Asia, Svalbard y Jan Mayen, Dominica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Angola, América del Sur, Sudeste Asiático, Samoa, Mozambique, Namibia, Perú, Centroamérica y Caribe, Guatemala, Vaticano, Islas Salomón, Sierra Leona, Nauru, Guayana Francesa, Anguila, El Salvador, Guam, Micronesia, República Dominicana, Camerún, Guyana, Azerbaiyán, Macao, Georgia, Tonga, Nueva Caledonia, San Marino, Eritrea, Marruecos, San Cristóbal y Nieves, San Vicente y las Granadinas, Bielorrusia, Mauritania, Belice, Filipinas, Uruguay, Congo, República Democrática del, Sáhara Occidental, Congo, República del, Polinesia Francesa, Islas Cook, Colombia, Comoras, Bermudas, Montserrat, Corea del Sur, Zambia, Somalia, Vanuatu, Ecuador, Albania, Mónaco, Guernsey, Etiopía, Laos, Níger, Venezuela, Ghana, Cabo Verde, Moldavia, Martinica, Madagascar, San Pedro y Miquelón, Líbano, Liberia, Maldivas, Bolivia, Gibraltar, Libia, Hong Kong, República Centroafricana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Santa Lucía, Mauricio, Guinea, Jordania, Islas Vírgenes Británicas, Islas Turcas y Caicos, Chad, Andorra, Rumanía, Costa Rica, India, México, Serbia, Kazajstán, Arabia Saudí, Antillas Neerlandesas, Japón, Lituania, Trinidad y Tobago, Palau, Malawi, Nicaragua, Túnez, Uganda, Turquía, Brasil, Barbados, Tuvalu, Jamaica, Letonia, Egipto, Niue, Brunéi, Honduras, Sudáfrica, Islas Vírgenes (Estados Unidos.), Apartado postal
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Normalmente se enviará en un plazo de 1 día laborable desde que se haga efectivo el pago - se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña.

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Al enviar tu puja, te comprometes a comprar este artículo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador. Has leído y aceptado los Términos y condicionesdel Programa de envíos globales - se abre en una nueva ventana o pestaña. Las tarifas de importación previamente indicadas están sujetas a posibles modificaciones si incrementas el importe de la puja máxima.
Si pulsas Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artículo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador.
Al pulsar Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artículo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador y reconoces que has leído y aceptas los Términos y condiciones - se abre en una nueva ventana o pestañadel Programa de envíos globales. Las tarifas de importación previamente indicadas están sujetas a posibles modificaciones si incrementas el importe de la puja máxima.
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